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Email Only Hosting

Email Only Hosting
Email hosting is the process of setting up email accounts that correspond with your business name for your email, for example [email protected]

This Email Only Hosting gives you a more professional image whilst giving you great value for money at the same time.

Businesses and individuals can opt for this email service to:

  • Improve your business correspondence with clients.
  • Create and maintain a professional edge in today's competitive marketplace.
  • Improve client and customer perception of your business.

  • With a provider like Falcoda Internet offering this Email Only Hosting filled with great features, you can reach your clients and customers more effectively and professionally. We understand the importance of personalized and professional emails to your business and are offering you this solution for a very affordable price.

    You will also have full control over all the email accounts that you choose along with the ability to create and edit all usernames and passwords instantly. All your customized email accounts can be accessed through the Internet or with programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

    In today's fast-paced world, there are hundreds, if not thousands of companies just like yours competing to be the best; the most successful in their fields. One of the most important factors to consider is your professional image and how your company is perceived by potential customers. By using professional company emails, you will automatically be at an advantage. Don't hesitate to make your business stand out from the rest, by using professional, customizable, and effective email addresses with our Email Only Hosting.

    Domain Name NOT Included - You can either register a new domain name or If you wish to use an existing domain name, you can do so by either changing the name servers or transferring your domain name to Falcoda. However, you will need to add your domain name to our search in order to setup the premium email hosting account


    Email Only Hosting Features

    100 Mail Boxes / upto 5 add-on domains
    Email Forwarding
    Catch-All Email Forwarding
    Junk Mail Filters
    POP, IMAP & WebMail
    400Mb per Mailbox (upgradeble to 10Gb*)

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