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Created: 08/24/2023 9:10 AM - Updated: 08/24/2023 9:50 AM

There are a few things that can be done from your end which should help improve your mail delivery

By default there are no SSL certs associated with our hosting plans

To get a Free SSL cert for your website, go to and sign up for a free account and complete the setup (this usually just involves changing the name servers for your domain name - it will not affect your website).  Then wait 24 hours and the SSL will be live on your website.  If you are using a CMS like wordpress or similar, then your will also need to update the site url, once the SSL is active - change to https://www.yourdomain

Once you have completed the cloudflare setup, go to the DNS section to make sure it has detected the mail settings. Check for the mail and ftp A records, if not listed then refer to the DNS records for your domain name at

Add a TXT record with @ as the sub domain and then the following in the main box

v=spf1 exists:%{i} exists:%{i} –all

Then at the top of the page click on the link to add a DMARC record

Although adding an SPF & DMARC Record as mentioned above, you will achieve a better mail delivery score it is not a 100% guarantee your mail will arrive in their inbox.

Some other things to be aware of when sending mail:

Correct use of Capital Letters in the subject line is important and over use will make the email look like SPAM

  1. In the content only use a max of one link and image where possible
  2. Include a signature at the end of your email
  3. Ideally include an unsubscribe link even if it goes to your email address

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