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FAQ's are listed below.  Check the Hosting Control Panel for full list.

Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

If you have a question which is not listed below, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

If you wish to transfer your domain name, you can do so by following our transfer intructions - click here

However, there is no need to transfer your domain name as the domain name can be pointed at your hosting plan by updating your domain name's name servers to:

Alternatively, the domain name can be pointed at the server IP address which is provided with your hosting details

To transfer any .uk domain name (,, or .uk) there are no charges - see our domain transfer instructions for further details - click here

To transfer a .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name or .eu there is a charge equivalent to 1 year's renewal fee. Once the domain transfer has been completed, the domain name's expiry date is extended by 1 year.

Yes, the hosting plan can be upgraded or downgraded whenever you wish. However, you must allow at least 30 days between any hosting plan change. Our Sales Team will calculate the remaining balance on the current hosting plan. If the hosting plan is being upgraded, the remaining credit will be used towards the cost of the upgrade, which is a minimum of 1 year of the cost of the new hosting plan. When downgrading your hosting plan, the remaining credit will be used to calculate a new expiry date at the lower rate

There are many reasons why you may be unable to connect to your website via FTP.

Locked FTP Access

All FTP accounts are locked by default for security reasons to counter viruses that steal passwords stored in FTP clients.

To unlock your FTP account:

Log into your Hosting Control Panel
Go to the Unlock FTP bar on the right hand side panel
Select the amount of time you would like to have FTP unlocked
Click ‘Unlock’

We recommend you unlock FTP for a brief period in order to upload your files.

We recommend as good practice to take backups, but utilise a Cloud function or a remote storage facility, with your chosen backup option to copy backups over to Dropbox or even FTP to your own machine.
This would give you the advantage of having the backups but storing them in an offsite location making the backups safer.
Here are some suggestions of commonly used backup plugins:

- Updraft Plus
- Akeeba
- Backup Buddy

All of the above offer remote and cloud storage locations in which you can store your backups.

If you are no using a backup plugin or similar, the hosting control panel has a backup/restore function which we recommend is used on a regular basis to make sure you have a full backup of your website content

IF your website uses a database, then in the maria databases section there is a backup button next to each database.

To add a domain name you have registered with Falcoda Internet or another provider to your hosting plan, login into your customer account at:

Select the add-on domains icon and complete and send the request. You will be sent a confirmation email with further instructions once the domain name has been added to your hosting plan.

To add a new email address, log into the hosting control panel at

Then go to the mailboxes section and add a new email address for any of the domain names on your hosting plan

Make sure the email address password is secure and make a record of it, as once entered it will not longer be displayed.

Should you forget your email address or wish to change it, you can only update the password which can be done in the hosting control panel at any time

Emails can be accessed using any mail app on your computer, mobile or tablet, webmail is also available

mail apps can connect to the mailbox using POP (recommended) or IMAP - Instructions are provided in the same email as your hosting login details.

webmail at

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