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Last Update - 6th August 2023

Update: 24th Aug 2023 - 12:44
As mentioned in a previous post, we will be migrating our Customer Support to a new ticket system which is now live. Over the coming weeks this will replace the support@ email support. Once again we appreciate your patience!

Update: 6th Aug 2023 - 14:28
We are working through the backlog of Support Requests as fast as possible. We aim to start the new Support Ticket System on the 24th August 2023. Further announcements will be made closer to the Launch Date. If we didn't get to your Support Request by that date, please raise a ticket and we will deal with the outstanding Support Requests, first come first, served basis until Support Turnaround Times return to normal. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Update: 3th Aug 2023 - 18:00
Latest Update: Customer Announcement The DNS issue has been resolved so all websites, FTP and email services have been fully restored. If you are experiencing any further issues, please let us know via support@ and we will investigate asap

Update: 3th Aug 2023 - 17:20
Latest Update: New Ticket System We will be launching a new Customer Support Ticket Platform where you can raise tickets and they are timed and tracked to completion. This will also help resolve the support@ spam issue. Again, thank you for your patience. The launch will be announced over the coming weeks.

Update: 3th Aug 2023 - 17:17
Latest Update: New Ticket System We would like to be transparent about events which unfortunately have had a negative effect on our customer support. We have had an ongoing spam issue focused on our support@ email address whereby we were receiving hundreds of fake support requests on a daily basis. This has made it very difficult to distinguish between what is fake and real. We thought we had in hand a few times over the last year or so but it got more sophisticated each time. However, we implimented some changes to our system which has not seen the spam drop off almost completely. It is for that reason we have made the announcements today along with our next post which will be news on our next development and improvements to our customer support.

Update: 2nd Aug 2023 - 16:51
Latest Update: Customer Support Issues #3 Once we have the support requests up-to-date we will be relaunching the live chat at specific times which will be updated on our website when ready

Update: 2nd Aug 2023 - 16:46
Latest Update: Customer Support Issues #2 We are working through the backlog which has got out of hand and will unfortunately have to draw a line for any tickets older than a certain date. Once done we will make another announcement so all customer know we have finally caught up.
From that point onwards our support time frames will get back to normal. We appreciate your exceptional patience but things will return to normal as soon as possible.

Update: 2nd Aug 2023 - 16:38
Latest Update: Customer Support Issues #1 Sincere apologises to all our customers, due to a issue with our Name Servers all services have been affected. This issue has now been resolved and all services will be live within 2 hours.

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