Falcoda Internet & GDPR Frequently Asked Questions


Falcoda Internet is committed to GDPR which is obviously an important piece of legislation, not only for you, our customers but also ourselves.

As part of our GDPR preparations, please find below FAQs to help you prepare for GDPR as well as reassure you about our own preparations.

Is my site compliant?

We are unable to confirm that your own site or business is compliant. We can give you as much information as we have about our systems and security, but you will need to make the decision for yourselves on your own compliance.

Where is our data located?

Our data centre is in Leeds (UK), and has in it:

  • All our Home Plan, Business Plan and Ecommerce Plan packages
  • All our Home Pro, Business Pro and Ecommerce Pro packages
  • All our Premium Email Plan packages
  • Our stand-alone mailboxes
  • Our Hosted Exchange mailboxes
  • All our customer details

Our SSL certificates are generated by Starfield Technologies, who have a Privacy Centre here

Most of our third-party partners are considered Data Processors, and we, or our customers, are the Data Controller.

How secure is our data with you?

All personal data is supplied to us through controlled processes that are protected by appropriate measures, including encryption.

Access to your data is is restricted based on the business needs.

All staff that have access to your data, or will be collecting data, have been fully trained on respecting customers’ rights, collecting only the data that is needed, adhering to privacy by design, and following other privacy principles.

How physically secure are your data centres?

By having our own data centres, we have built in a secure and resilient network infrastructure and do not rely on third-party solutions.

Our data centres are staffed 24 hours a day every day of the year, with extensive physical security measures, including strict access control and CCTV.

What is your own GDPR policy?

Falcoda Internet complies with all data protection laws applicable to its operations. GDPR is an evolution of privacy law, and not a drastic departure from the laws and regulations that currently govern our day-to-day operations. We welcome the changes as another step towards maintaining the privacy of our customers, and we’re working towards compliance as appropriate and necessary.

We store data as needed to manage and run your account, including for accounting, product configuration, and other reasons. You can see our Privacy Policy.